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As the coronavirus spreads it's going to be harder and harder for us musicians to make a living so if you have enjoyed the content of this blog or some of my videos or enjoyed my gigs in the past please consider making a donation, "every little helps" as a certain supermarket likes to say and would much appreciated!

Sunday 29th March 2020 10:57:00

Blues News From Portsmouth - March 2020


I hope you are all keeping well in these troubled times. As gigs are
suspended for now I thought I'd just give you a quick update on some online
activities, over the last few weeks I had been updating the blog section if
the broad ology website and have been maing use of that to share a few
videos made whilst in self isolation due to my partner and I having mild

This email is also a test that the mailing list is working when sent from a
different location than usual....

** Corona Virus Rag **

I wrote a song about the chaos caused by the current situation, what with
panick buying people not obeying self isolation etc, it's alittle tongue in
cheel and whilst things have calmed down a little now you might still find
it amusing, the lrics and video perfoemance of it can be found here:

**Blog Updates**

I've made a few videos "from the back garden" and posted them to my blog
along with abit of backgtound info for each, here is a quick summary:

o Isolating With Some Blues In the garden

o Jazz In the Lounge

o Blues Lesson In The Garden

o Headache, Bean Poles and Some Mean Slide Guitar

o Corona Virus Rag - Original Bles Song

o Reforming the Jazz Duo

Keep safe everybody and see you at a gig when this is all over!

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