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Wednesday 20th April 2011 16:49:00

Blues News - Easter Update

Got a busy weekend coming up so I thought I'd give a quick update on whats
goining on:

*Bordering On Bedlam*

If you've been following Sandy's blog on the Walker Broad website
( ) you will have
read about our song Bordering On Bedlam, which is to be published in a book
of the same name about boderline personality disorder towards the end of
next year (end of the world permitting). We've now uploaded our first mix
and we think it's sounding rather good. You can listen to it from the
player on the left of the site here: or hear a
live version at the gigs we've got lined up.

*Gigs Over Easter*

Good Friday
22nd April.
The Phoenix, Duncan Road, Southsea
West Side Blues Band
Chicage blues inspired by the sounds of the 'West Side' (Otis Rsh, Buddy
Guy, Magic sam etc)

Easter Saturday
23rd April
The White Swan, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth
An all day chairty event, raising funds in support of reasearch into
Childrens Cancer, featuring Walker Broad and quite a few others! We'll
bring performing our blend folk jazz and blues at 9.00pm. But do come
alonmg earlier, there a whole bunch of great acts from 12:30 onwards,
including Robin James Hurt, Don Ogus, The Jelly Rollers MacGonagal, Wood
Wire and Words, and Victory Morris.

Easter Sunday
24th April
Hobbits Bar And Restuarant
Andy Broad - Solo Original Blues

* Guitar Fest *

I (Andy Broad) will be appearing at the Guitar Fest, at South Hill Park in
Bracknell on April 30th, with a solo performance at 12:40pm and I be
holding a workshop on "Slide Guitar In Standard Tuning" at 4:00pm. There's
great lineup for the whole days of the festival and the head line act
Antonio Forcione is a simply astonishing acoustic guitar player, worththe
whole days fee by himself. More info at

Hope you have a great Easter break and I look forwrad to seeing at one (or
more !) of the gigs over the weekend.

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