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Monday 15th August 2011 11:32:00

Blues News From Portsmouth - More Live Recordings

* New Live Song Uploads *

Just a short one to let you know that I've uploaded two more recording to my
reverbnation page, this time from my Blue Graffiti gig with Chris Shaw on
Sax at recorded live at The Bent Brief on Friday.

You can listen to them here:

There's a recordin of my arrangement of 'Walking Blues' from the acoustic
set and 'In the Mood - Hooker Medley' on electric in the second half. The
vocals and sax get abit faint arroung 5:30 in the Hooker Medley because we
are out in the audience away from the mics! You need to come to gig to get
the full efect!

* Gigs For The Weekend *

Whilst I'm here a quick reeinder of the gigs for this weekend.

Thursday 18th August
Tanners Live Lounge - Tanners Arms Horsham
Walker Broad

Friday 19th August
The Phoenix Albert Road Southsea
West Side Blues Band

Saturday 20th August
The RMA Tavern, Eastney
Burnt Ice

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