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Saturday 27th August 2011 01:04:00

Fantastic Festival Jam!

Just back from one of the best Festival Jam Nights we've had at The Florence
Arms, well they are always good, and evolved over the years passing through
different phases, starting with a full band version, then going strictly
acoustic, then moving back to a band format for the last couple of years.

This year we had the hardcore of The West Side Blues Band as the house band.
That's myself on Guitar / Vocals, Tim Nowell on bass and Tim Peters on
minimal (but effective!) drum kit. We were graced with various blues
luminaries from the local and not quite loacl scene who took turns as

Thanks then to Message from Avalon (Glen and Jason Malo) for providing the
acoutsic interlude in the middle) Bob Long (not seen hom do the electric
thing before, very authentic as you expect from his acoutic side), King
Rollo always stylish and Chris Morely for helping out as frontmen.

Then thanks ofcourse goes to the players, Gary on guitar, Barry (Street
level Music) Leaney on Harmonica / Guitar, gavin for joinging me on a
couple of acoustic numbers, Chris on semiacoutsic guitar, Simon Tufnail and
Blackie from Burnt Ice, Mac on harminca, Geoff Web on guitar and Al (who I
remeber from the band Blind Lemon along time ago!) on guitar, hope I
haven't missed anybody....

... and ofcourse the Audience not only for listening but for giving us a
rousing chorus of Let The Good Times Roll at the end. Sorry to the one or
two players that could get up, we had to finish some time!

Gavin video some of the jam and I've heard that they've come out well, as
soon I've got the links I post them in the blog version of the email.

The festival continues with three more days of live music centered arround
the NBE CSA (Dockyard) Club just round the corner from the Flo. You can see
more of King Rollo when openbs the show for Aynsley Lister on Monday night.

Tickets from

If you came and enjoyed tonights Jam we have a regular jam on the first
Sunday Lunch on the month, again in the public bar of the Florence Arms,

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