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Blue News From Portsmouth - October 2011 Views: 53389

Welcome to this months newletter, slightly delayed in sending this out due a
busy start to the month, /
accounts / receipt thing but lets not get into that, maybe I should write a
blues about it...

Lots happening in the second half of the month though starting with:

* Mental Health Everyone's Business - Closing Concert *

During this week a number of events have been held to celebrate World Mental
Health day, centred arround a conference on the Monday. A theme running
through the week has been the Walker Broad song Bordering On Bedlam (Will
Slocombe,the author of the book of the same name gave a talk at the
conference, and our song has been used on various radios shows etc
publicising the weeks events).

To cap it all off there will be a free to enter concert by Walker Broad
tomorrow night (Friday 14th) with Madcap Han as support. This will be the
first outing of the band version of Walker Broad, adding Simon on bass and
Blackie on cahon to our acoustic guitar and piano. As I said admision is
free to all, so come down and celibrate with us. The event is being held at
the NBE CSA Club, in Onslow Road, Southsea, (just off Clarendon Road near
the Florence Arms)

* Andy Broad on Portsmouth Live TV *

At the end of September I was very pleased to be asked to appear on Dave
Allen's Pompey Pop show on Portsmouth Live TV, the show went out live but
is now available to watch online. I've added a link to it from my solo
webpage at . We talk
about my influences, and the blues in general and I play three songs live
in the studio. It was avery enjoyable half hour and I'm sure we could have
filled a two hour show!

* Live In France CD *

I've been working hard on the recordings I got from my recent tour of France
and have over 6 hours of recorded material mixed out. Now I have to choose
the best tracks... I've also been hard at work developing ideas for the CD
cover and you can get a sneak preview of a digital painting done for this
in the gallery.


Also in the gallery are some photo's of the tour


* Gigs *

Got some great gigs coming up this month, here's a summary:

Friday 14th October
Mental Health Everyone's Business
Closing Event with The Walker Broad Band + Madcap Han
The NBE CSA Club (aka Dockyard Club), Onslow Road, Southsea, PO5 2NH
Free Admission. Doors at 8.00pm

Sunday 16th October, 1pm till 5pm
Restuarant 69, Palmeston Road, Southsea
The Shawsax Quartet

Wednesday 19th October, 7pm till 11pm
Restuarant 69, Palmeston Road, Southsea
The Shawsax Quartet

Thursday 20th October
The Blues Club @ The Poacher, Hartlake Road, Tudeley,
Near Tonbridge, TN11 0PQ.
Blue Graffiti (Andy Broad & Chris Shaw)
Acoustic and Electric Blues Plus Sax
(hoping to have the new CD by then)

Friday 21st October
The Thomas A Becket, Worthing
The Shawsax Quartet

Tuesday 25th October
The Golden Lion, Southwick.
Walker Broad Band plus guests.

The jazzier side of Walker Broad in a new regular gig on the last Tuesday of
the month, lets us know if you'd like to do a guest spot with us, or come
down on the night and have achat about it.

Thursday 27th October
Blues at Browsers Cafe,
7 East Grinstead Road
Surrey RH7 6EP

Blue Graffiti (Andy Broad & Chris Shaw)
Acoustic and Electric Blues Plus Sax. Really pleased to have been asked to
play this prestigious gig. Tickets available from

Friday 28th October, 7pm till 11pm
Restuarant 69, Palmeston Road, Southsea
The Shawsax Quartet
Saturday 29th October
The Fawcett Inn, Fawcett Road, Southsea
Burnt Ice - Raw Funky Contemporary Blues.

Sunday 6th November

The Monthly Florence Jam

* That's All for now, sorry it's been a longer email than usual, so much to
tell! Hope you made this far and looking forward to seeing you at some of
the above gigs!

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