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Thursday 15th December 2011 13:37:00

Blue New From Prtmouth: New Walker Broad song preview and Christmas Day radio

As we work towards recording our first album next year, we've being doing
some test recordings to sort out arrangements, spot problems etc before
coming acropper in the studio proper. Some of them have come out quite
nicely, so we thought we'd shared one with you.

A newly written song by Sandy and myself: Pissing In The Dark.

First on the list here:


Not sure where to pin it Genre wise, maybe Kirsty MacColl plays Pentangle

On Christmas Day we will be appearing on Shep Woolley's Scattering The Roots
Christmas special on Express FM 93.7, playing live in the Studio, and
talking about the year and stuff. If your out of the area you can catch it
online at

Have great Christmas and see you for lost of gigs in the new year...

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