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Blues News From Portsmouth - January 2012 Views: 53359

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2012, Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a great holiday over Christmas. 2012 is already shaping up to be a great year, with lots of things in the pipeline, including recording Walker Broad's first CD, a second tour of France and more as the year develops.

* Walker Broad Recording *

As we mentioned in a previous newsletter Walker Broad are currently busy doing test recordings of our material to fine tune arrangement ideas, before gong into the studio in a couple of months time. We posted a few photos of the latest session to our website, the link is in Sandy's latest blog, here is a short link direct to the blog article Quick Link

* French Tour 2012 *

Plans for my second trip to France in June are well under way, with re-bookings from both of the public venues on my last tour. It'll be great to see any of you that live over there or might be visiting at the time, keep and eye on my giglist at for more details as they emerge. If you can't make it over you can always catch a bit of the flavour of the last tour by buying the Live in France CD, available on-line from or at gigs.

Anyone with ideas for venues in France (or anywhere else for that matter :-)) please get in touch!

* Acoustic Guitar Heaven *

The third of the Acoustic Guitar Heaven Tour concerts takes place at the start of Feb. (3rd) at the Phoenix Theatre in Bordon, the first two were very successful so we are looking forward to this one. There is a slightly changed lineup to last time, this concert will feature Mike Dawes, Tom Jannsen, Andy Broad & John Dignam. Tickets are only £10.00 and are available from

£10.00 is a pretty good deal for 4 quality acts so please come along and take advantage of us...

* Giglist *

Heres a break down of the gigs and concerts coming up this month.

Saturday 14th January
The RMA Tavern, Cromwell Road ,Eastney
The West Side Blues Band

Powerful electric blues inspired by the sounds of the west side of
Chicago (Buddy Guy, Magic Sam etc.), featuring Andy Broad
(guit/voc), Barry Leaney (harmonica), Tim Nowell (bass), Tim
Peters (drums).

Friday 20th January
The Bent Brief, Lodge Road, Southampton
Andy Broad

Original Acoustic and Electric Blues.

Saturday 21st January
The Station Arms, Southminster, Essex
Andy Broad

Original Acoustic and Electric Blues.

Tuesday 24th January
The Golden Lion, Southwick
Walker Broad Band

Original Folk / Jazz featuring sandy Walker on Vocals and Piano,
Andy Broad on acoustic guitar and Simon Tufnail bass, Alan
Blackmore Drums. A lovely venue, with great food available.

Friday 27th January
The Auckland Arms, Netley Road, Southsea
Andy Broad

Original Acoustic and Electric Blues.

Friday 3rd February
The Phoenix Theatre, Bordon
Acoustic Guitar Heaven

Sunday 5th February
The Florence Arms, Florence Road, Southsea
Andy Broad's Blues And Jazz Jam

All players welcome , listeners too to pur friendly no pressure

* And Finally *

I added some new paintings to my art gallery on the site including a time-lapse video of a painting of The Cafe Dixieland in Verteuil sur Charente where I'll be playing on the 8th of June . onwards....

See you at a gig soon!

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