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Thursday 28th October 2010 12:35:00

Blues News From Portsmouth October 2010 (Site Updates and NewGigs)

Here's and end of month update, some extra gigs have come in and also I've made quite a few upgrades to the infrastructure of my website.

Site News

You may have noticed that there was a link "news page" to a news page on the home page of the blues section of my website, if you ever followed this you will have noticed that the last update was in 2003! This old page was built by hand and even though there have been many improvements and updates to the site since 2003 I never had the time to keep note of them on this old page.

Enter the new news page system.


This one is database driven and will be much easier to maintain. Some things (such as new additions to the giglist) are automated so I don't need to worry about adding the same info twice. There's a latest news panel in the home page of overall site which shows the most recent article.

Also you can subscribe by RSS by clicking on the orange RSS icon on the main RSS page.

Here's a direct link to the RSS feed



for a prettified version.

Along with the news system comes a Blog page for longer articles, they will be mainly blues related but I may post on any subject so take a look from time to time to see what I'm ranting about! These mails will be automatically posted to the blog page, with any links etc. converted into proper clickable links . Again there is an RSS feed.



A couple of interesting gigs have come in during the last couple of weeks so here's a quick update.

  • Friday 29th October The Gun Room @ The R.M.A.. Tavern, Cromwell Road, Eastney
    Crosby Tyler (USA) plus Walker Broad.
    Admission £5.00 Doors 8:00pm

    Crosby Tyler is touring the UK during October/November and asked us to join him for his Portsmouth date. We happily said yes and will be playing a set of our original folky jazz blues based music. The Gun Room will make an excellent setting for this.

  • Saturday 30th October
    The Fawcett Inn, Fawcett Road, Southsea.
    Burnt Ice
    Raw Funky, Contemporary Blues.
  • Friday 5th November
    Milkwoodjam, Swansea, Wales
    Admission £6.00 see website for details
    Andy Broad & Chris Shaw

    Were taking our energetic brand of blues down to Swansea, going to be fun!

  • Friday 6th November
    The Brass Monkey, Fareham
    Burnt Ice
    Raw Funky Contemporary Blues
  • Friday 7th November
    The Florence Arms, Florence Road, Southsea
    Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam

    The monthly Jam comes round again, all welcome to play or just listen and enjoy Gregs fine selection of cider and ales.

That's all for now, see you at a gig soon!

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