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As the coronavirus spreads it's going to be harder and harder for us musicians to make a living so if you have enjoyed the content of this blog or some of my videos or enjoyed my gigs in the past please consider making a donation, "every little helps" as a certain supermarket likes to say and would much appreciated!

Thursday 7th June 2012 18:22:00

Heading for France

Just a hour or so to go
before I load up my car, and head of for the ferry, ironically travelling via Newhaven / Dieppe as the return ferry to Portsmouth was allready full!

Depending on the degree of iternet access I get I'll try and keep up a diary of my progress on this blog, so check back everynow then over the next couple of weeks, or subscribe via RSS. I'll try and get a few photo's up but probably will save any video for when I get back. Don't want to sitting round waiting for youtube!

If you are in France and want to catch up with me check the giglist for details of where I'm playing. First gig is Dixieland cafe, love to see you there.

Au Revoir :-)

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