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Friday 8th June 2012 00:02:00

On The Ferry -

On the ferry, left the usb wire to my camera in the car oh well, looks like I need to pay to use the wireless so maybe uploading loads of pictures is not such a good idea!

Get into France at 4:30am not sure if that's UK time or France time. Journey to newhaven was uneventful, strangely quiet on the roads. So dispite leaving slightly late, got to the ferry port in plenety of time to sit in the queue ans listen to artists on my iPod beginning with 'A' Alabama3 followed by Ali Farka Toure,then a litte Jon Amor.

I was alittle late leaving because, dispite spending the last two weeks planning and the last two days rushing arround, I still almost forgot my mixing desk,( I hid it in plain site) and also almost forgot my suit! (Hung by the door!) Noticed both one after the other as I went up to get my guitars. I didn't forget those! The the pesky air machine in the grage ate my 50p and I had to go complain. Tyres pumped up though:-) ready for alot of driving.


The ferry is moving ... Next stop Dieppe....

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