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Friday 8th June 2012 14:55:00

Windmills & Churches

Arrived at the Dixieland Cafe after a 7 hour drive from Dieppe, could have been a little faster but I decided to go the scenic route to see more of France, (and avoid the motorway tolls!).

The ferry started a little bumpy but settled down after abit but it was too windy to go on deck. So no arriving in France pictures. Got a couple of nice photos of Dieppe whilst I searched for a service till, the only way to get hold of some euros at 4:30 am.

Having got my euros and downed a cup of coffee from the flask I started off. A few uncomforatable moments whilst I got used to being on the wrong side of the road, thankfully very quiet roads at that time. Weather was abit iffy to start, but around 10:30 someone turned the sun on, and it got quite hot. There were still a few sharp showers wandering around though, hopefully gone by tonight...

The wind really seems to whip across the fields in the part of France and there are windmills everywhere (mostly new electical generating ones, although I did see one old wooden one, couldn't get a photo of it as I was doing 110km/h at the time!). Windmills and churches, several huge churches, big enough to dwarf some cathedrals, just standing by themseleves in the middle of a field.

Enough of the touristy stuff tonight is the first gig, plenety of time to rest up, and give a great show!

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