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Saturday 9th June 2012 09:48:00

Great First Gig At the Dixieland Cafe

Last nights first gig of the tour went really well.

I was staying in the flat above the music room and managed to get a couple of hours shut eye to recharge after the drive. After that I had time to set the gear up at relative leisure, not too much rushing around, the original plan was to setup in the beer garden, which would have been an amazing backdrop, with the Ch√Ęteau towering above, but the weather wasn't quite up yo it, so I was indoors like the previous visit.

The gig itself went well, I played three sets from 9.00 till 12.00 to a receptive audience, some in the mucic room itself some in the main bar looking through the door, or at a video screen showing the stage. I took some video of the first set, haven't checked out how it came out.

Chatting in the bar afterwards over a couple of glasses of wine, thanks to Laurence and his crew for a great start to the tour!

Tonight it's Le Kennedy in Angouleme, only a short drive this time!

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