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Monday 11th June 2012 15:37:00

Châteaus and Sat Nav insanity....

Now safely arrived at Pete & Linda's in the south, after an ecessively interesting journey! Most of the extra interest was down to the Sata Nav and it's ability to cope with out of date maps. The French must have built a lot of roads since my Sat Nav was new, and even more importantly taken a few away!

To make matters worse it was raining like crazy for the first 7 hours of the journey, the periods when I was on the motorway were a nightmare of spray. So I was glad I had decided to take the scenic route again, as it was quite managable on the smaller roads. There were a couple of times when there was new round about the Sat Nav hadn't heard of, and then suddenly i was on a new road, then as far as the Sat Nav was concerned I was in a field! Most times the new and old met up quite quickly and all was well, but one time the sat nav took me down a road that just stopped, the old road had beenm grassed over, so a backedinto a side road, turned round, found the new road and drove down it a bit until the Sat Nav thought it knew where I was then, I started following it's directions again, it was soon winding me through village back roads, uh oh I've got a bad feeling.... suddenly I pop out of the side road I'd used to turn round! I was back where I started. So back on the new road again, and stubbornly drive and hope it goes the right way for a while, it did!

Taking the scenic route took me passed some impressive scenery, especially as I got further south, and the hills turned into mountains. Every valley had a village and a chateau, some perched on the top of a mountain, I wish I'd had the time to stop and photograph them all! I did stop in a couple of places. A couple of photo's in the Gallery soon....

At the end of the journey the big hills really do become small mountains, and some of them not so small! A lot of winding back and forth up and down the valley sides, crossing the rivers several times. Very impressive views!

Just as I neared the destination, the Sat Nav kicked in again with it's interesting interpretation of a road. I recognosed the place names from last time and the road, then SN saus turn right so I did so, into a small village I didn't recognise, and after a shoart while I'm heading down a one way track, hoping no comes the other way, then suddenly it;s not evn a road and I'm praying it doesn't run out as there was no way I could have turned round on it! At the end of this 'road' I popped out below Lamalou-les-bains having completely skipped the town!

Arrived in Peujol-sur-orb safe and sound shortly afterward, without any more excitement.

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