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Tuesday 12th June 2012 15:09:00

Busking In Lamalou

With a few days to spare before the next gig, we decided to do a little promotional buskng.

Tuesday is market day in Lamlaou-les-Bains so we (Pete Robinson and I) headed into town, to a spot Pete had checked out earlier, the market was quite busy so we had to set up on the edge. I played an acoustic set for a hour or so, and Pete handed out leaflets advertsing the three gigs in the area.

It was going quite nicely with a few interested people stopping to listen, drop in a few euros, taking flyers and promising to come to the gigs. Got a bit of interest in my CDs too but before I could make a sale, a passing Gendarme came over and said I could carry on playing but must'nt sell the CDs as I was outside the official Market area. No doubt if I was inside the area they'd want me to buy a Market stall, so not much chance of that!

Still a very successful hours work on the publicity side of things... a big thanks to Pete for all his help so far.

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