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Sunday 17th June 2012 16:11:00

Graissessac - Bar des Sport - with spontaneous band

The last of the gigs in the south, was at the Bar des Sports in Graissessac, an old coal mining village in the mountains. So a half hour or so journey through some winding roads, nothing too extreme though.

The day before there had been some talk about a jam in the second set, and Pablo a young drummer had said he would be there by 6 if he was coming, we arrived at 6:10 and he was there already set up. A good sign. He helped us in with the gear (thanks!) then went of to meet up with a friend he had in the village.

We got the gear set up quite quickly, then sat outside, talking with a few locals (half in sign language for me) whilst we waited for the pitza JB, the bar owner, had ordered for us. The pitza seemed to take ages to arrive from only two doors down the road, but when it did it was very good.

The gig was scheduled to start at 9pm but by ten past nine it was still quiet and we were starting to worry that this might be a slow one, so we delayed the start slightly. By half past though quite a few familiar and new faces started to turn up, some had seen the advertising, some heard the music as they walked past and came in. So in the end the acoustic first set had a decent audience.

After a short break with some interest in the CDs it was time to start with the electric second set. The original plane had been to do a few solo then get the guest musicians up, but I decided just to go for it with the whole band and see what happened. We chose 'The Thrill Has Gone' as an opening number and we quickly had a groove going, a good decision then!

A great second set ensued, with the guys following my lead and paying enough attention that we even got most of the ending right... The guys who played were the aforementioned Pablo on drums, Andy Boal from "Bad Luck and Trouble" on bass (Andy formerly played with Pete's band Chasin Charleys Ghost) and Mike Katin of Troubadelic on guitar. There were a few other musos in the audience including Pascale Michault from Troubadelic and American singer songwriter James Benton

A pretty good end to this phase of the tour and I must a big thanks again to Pete Robinson for organising and help with the logistics et al. Now w few days off, before the last gig of the tour at The Mad Hatters, Le Breaulliac, Caunay.

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