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Monday 26th November 2012 21:23:00

Walker Broad Videos and Burnt Ice at The Wine Vaults

**Walker Broad Videos**

Walker Broad CD Launch went every well, as you can see from the videos

Jazz 'n' Blues Dinner
Space Girl - In These Shoes
On Cliff Hill -

The videos are collected together on our playlist at

And ofcourse you can buy the CD from

**Burnt Ice - The Wine Vaults - 29th November**

Burnt Ice are pleased to have been asked to play at this great venue. The
Wine Vaults (actually I thinks it's just 'The Vaults' nowbut old habits die
hard) have been putting on live music on Thursdays for quite a while now,
and the evening are very successful, they serve good beer too.

Come down and have a riot!

Burnt Ice
The Wine Vaults, Albert Road Southsea
Thursday 29th November

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