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Wednesday 6th March 2013 16:18:00

Blues News Fom Portsmouth - Kevin Thorpe Memorial Award For Original Blues Song.

Some great news for Walker Broad

Paul Stiles, one of the Radio DJ's that first played Walker Broad's CD "A
Walk Abroad" in the run up to the launch in November, has nominated the
song "Play Me Some Blues" for the Kevin Thorpe Memorial Award for Original
Blues Song, part of the 2013 Britsh Blues Awards. 

Each of the participating radio stations nominates 4 songs which they will
play on their show (I think there will be a listen link on their sites too,
but Paul's is not set up just yet) then the public can vote for the best
onefor each station. The somg from each station with the most votes go
through to the next round.  

Paul Stiles' is voting page is here:  

There more info on the BBA here

and the KT Award here

Paul's radio station Radio Seagull is here:

and more info on his show, U K Blues Today, in particular is here: scroll down the page to se info om the award.

Paul will being playing his 4 nominated songs on his show on Sunday 24th of

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