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Thursday 15th August 2013 15:26:00

Butterfles, lizards and fuses.

The next phase of the journey was a lot more fun, if not without (slight) misadventure.

Although I didn't' get much sleep on the ferry, I perked up quite well and the journey down to the Charente started quite well, with one hitch unlike last time (which was of course around mid summers day) it was dark when I started out. So the first stage of the journey required more concentration, as it seem every driver approaching me had their lights on full beam, thanks fully the roads were quite quiet so that was too much of a pain. Last year I was struck by images of Churches and Windmills, and one enormous statue, this year I passed them unnoticed in the dark.

By 6:30 it was brightening up into a clear day, in fact as the morning progressed and i ventured further south, its turned into a gloriously hot day! I did see one big church that had caught my attention last time, one that just grows out of the plains like its been stuck there as a spare, with no obviously associated village, it's big enough to be some cities cathedral! As before I couldn't' stop until it was almost out of site and the photo I got makes it look like a village church!

I stopped in quite a few different places, and took short walks to ease my driving tiredness. I was treated various wonders, a cloud of butterflies in a patch of woodlands set back from the road, a basking in the sun lizard startled by my return to the car. I tried to take a break in Tours I thought I would take a walk by the river, its a bigger, but I was defeated by only having 40 cents in coins for the parking meter.

A bit later I was getting much more tired and thought I would take I longer break and start writing up the blog, so I pulled into a car park, and plugged the charger in to the cigarette lighter socket. Disaster! It blew the fuse. This meant my Sat Nav would now be running entirely on battery for the rest of the journey, if it ran out I would be stranded! Luckily signs for Angouleme appeared soon after and I could save the battery power by following them till the last 20k or so. This was essential as Pub Gabariers is well out into the country

So arrived!. A fantastic place directly on the river. (Charente). Simon Constant the owner wasn't there ate the time, so after saying hello at the bar the first thing I did was find my spare fuses and fix that cigarette lighter socket!.

Then I got a beer, started working on the blog, Simon arrived and showed the mobile home where I'd be sleeping, basic but okay. As soon as I've posted this I'll catch up on my sleep, then set up up 6ish, show starts at 10! I wonder if my radio pickup will make it all the way to the riverside?

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