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Friday 16th August 2013 13:48:00

Did I forget the Sunflowers?

Did I forget the sunflowers? I think I did! On the way through to Saint-Simeux I passed enough sunflowers to make a billion pounds worth of Van Goghs!

Sunflowers After blogging this morning and before leaving for The Dixieland Cafe I went for a walk up to a local view point, a moderately steep climb (though nothing compared with the walk up the mountains in the South last year!) led up a winding path to a view point from which you could see the Gabariers bar itself and the surrounding country side. Also the village of Saint-Simeux. I passed many more sunflowers on the way up and even not surprisingly the odd grape or two! Took a few photographs!

After walk back down I went and photographed the village and a few scenes of the river and a weir just upstream from Gabariers. A nice relaxing way to start the morning!

Said my goodbyes to Simon at Gabariers with a contact for a venue in Normandy and a promise of a gig next year, a 45 minute drive and I'm now sitting in the bar at the Dixieland!

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