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Saturday 24th August 2013 11:35:00

Beer Festival in Kent, Radio Session in Weymouth, France Videos

Just a quick update to let you know what's on this weekend.

* Two Brewers Beer Festival - Saturday 24th - Hadlow Kent *

I will be performing a solo blues set at The Two Brewers Beer Festival music
starts at 7pm!

* Radio Session - Air Radio - Sunday 25th 11am - 1pm - Weymouth *

I'll be appearing live on David James' show between 11.00 am and 1.00pm.
Some chat about France no doubt and up coming gigs as well as some solo
acoustic blues playing. If your outside the radio "catchment area" you can
tune in on the internet via

* France Blog and Videos *

Had a great time in France, you can read about my exploits on the Broad
Ology Blog at

Here are two video clips from the first two gigs.

Good Feelin' - Pub Gabariers

Late On In the Evening - Dixieland Cafe

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