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Thursday 23rd January 2014 16:25:00

Digital House Keeping And Musical Nostalgia

The first part of this note will be dull as ditchwater if you are arriving here from a musical route so jump a head a couple of paragraphs...

Been doing some digital house keeping, found I'd filled my Music: disk partition to the brim with various recording projects, so needed clear some out and make some space. That meant building the backup server I've been meaning to set up since just before Christmas with a batch of spare hard drives I've acquired from various second / recycled sources, as there was no way I was going to delete anything!

So a session of crawling round on the floor under my desk to extract the linux computer, open it up and the some swearing and cursing whilst I fitted in two of the new drives and then found the cables were too short, once I got the cables connected some googling to find out how to activated the extra RAID / IDE hard disk connectors. A small jumper on the other side of the mother board! Now I have 160Gigs of spare space for backing up to, not enough for future proofing but I've space for 3 more disks. (If you have any 80Gb + PATA hard disks you want rid of I'm in the market for recycling them for you!).

Next up copy across 34 Gigs of recording projects. Even over the LAN that the best part of three hours! Later I need move across all the video from my laptop that I've accumulated over the last couple of years of actively adding gig material to my youtube channel

Now where it's get more musical, I have to make room on the hard disk for more projects, so I have to choose which to delete, can just delete the oldest as there are cross links from the CD writing software and also unused ideas that will just get forgotten in the "attic" I just created for backup.

So a session of exploring the old projects, digging through, finding stuff I'd forgotten about, songs ideas for the next solo album that have been sitting neglected, a whole stack of jazz tunes that have never seen the light of day. Good recording of bad ideas, bad recording of good ideas, a couple of gems like a recording of Buddy Guys song "Steppin Out, Steppin In" which I'd completely forgotten ever learning let alone recording! That one I've decided to add to my revernation page:

Steppin Out, Steppin In

As part of this process I've realised that the song player on my website front page has a lot of out of material on it, when you get past the first few songs there are some quite experimental bits and pieces original not meant for the general public but that have ended up there as I no longer have access the editor for the any more. So I created a new player based on a reverbnation playlist and removed the old IacMusic based one.


Conclusions from exploring my home recording history is that my next solo album really is very overdue and that I also ought to record a Jazz CD! Whether solo or with a quartet needs to be determined...

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