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Wednesday 16th July 2014 22:33:00

On The Road Ferry Again

On the way again! The usual day of fidgeting, trying remember what I might have forgotten, a nervous half hour trying find my car insurance documents, at one point I thought I'd thrown away this years and kept last years! It turned out the pile of insurance papers I thought were my green cards for this and the next French trip were my standard insurance stuff, OMG so where are my green cards then? Under Bullfrog Blues Club cash time where else?

Two more important musical decisions to be made which amps and gear to take? Last time I took the last one, but as I know at least one gig will be outside I'm taking the musicman for the electric set (and as a monitor for the acoustic perhaps depending on situation), although I've played for Le MaryJohn before it's moved to new premises so I've effectively got three new venues, want maximum flexibility. Whilst sorting my gear I found some unused minidisks, so I'm going to try and record some sections of the tour. That meants sorting out a few more combinations of cables!

The other important decision is what CDs to take?! I decided on the latest Robert Cray (50th birthday present, thakyou you know who :-)) Luther Allison live in Chicago and Lil' Jimmy Reeds american CD as sold at his recent appearance at the Bullfrog Blues Club. My plan to start the journey in the company of Lil' Jimmy Reed, but my CD player decided it wasn't playing fair and wouldn't switch on....grrr.... no time to fix it I need to be on the way. After half an hour it jolted back into life, so I got the Muddy Waters CD allready in the slot instead!

So Lil' Jimmy will be joining me on the first stage of the journey on the french side....

There's supposed to be Wifi on this ship but I can't even get enough signal to pay for it let alone use it, so posting this will have to wait til I stop somewhere on the way or til I get to Gabariers.

Arrive in rance about 4.00 am french time so need to get some sleep in if possible for an early start.

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