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Saturday 19th July 2014 12:50:00

The Return of Le MaryJohn!

Andy Broad @ MaryJohn 2014 by Pete Robinson My first gig in France was at Le MaryJohn in Lamalou-les-bains and I was quite disappointed last year when the bar closed down, but Olivier has secured new premises and spent almost a year building his new bar, in the same style as the first one, though slightly bigger. So I was really pleased to be returning for a gig there this tour.

I arrived in Poujol-sur-Orb after another long journey, this one had been worry me as I had got lost last time I made the trip, but with carefull attention to the google maps route and programming way points into the SatNav I arrived without to much incident. Some great views along the way, frustrating that I couldn't stop for long at any of the interesting spots.

Plenty of time for a sleep before the gig.

We went down to setup arround 7.00 ish with Pete who had sorted the gigs in the south giving me a hand. The new version of the MaryJohn is larger and has a stage in doors but due to the excellent weather we set up outside, as in previous years. There were a few choices of position to site the stage, we settled on a corner flanked by Vibe covered steps, with a good view of the tables and seating.

With little more time to spare I set up the camera to see what might be caught video wise and also setup the minidisc recorder. The first 20 minutes were recorded video wise and the first 80 on mini disc, will have to review the footage later.

The nominal starting time was 9pm but as is often the case the bulk of the audience turned up just after starting, building to pleasant and again attentive, listening crowd. Some had clearly come because of Pete's extensive advertising efforts (thanks Pete!) and some appeared to come over as they heard the music when passing.

Acoustic to start, electric second set. Another great gig, Olivier the patron, immediately asked me back next year, which is always gratifying!

Pete caught a snipet of my walk arround on video and posted it to facebook. Here's a link, though it may be subject to facebook membership etc.

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