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Thursday 14th August 2014 17:08:00

Blues News From Portsmouth August 2014 - First Video Of French Tour and more...

Welcome to this months newsletter.

Lots been going on and a lot more to happen over the next month or so!

*** French Tour 2014 ***

This years tour of France went very well, split into two trips due to date
conflicts, (with a trip to Wales in between!) I had the opportunity to play
at 5 great venues. It was great to return to the new MaryJohn, the bar
where I recorded my Live In France CD had moved just down to road to
slightly bigger premises. All the gigs were great but one of the standout
venues was the Eglise du Barry, Montpeyroux a restored chucrch with Roman
origins, a fabulous venue for a concert.

Here is a video from that event, the two stills at the beginning show what a
great room it was...

As I had taking the minidisc recorder over, I got a better more dynmic sound
recording than relying on the camera mic, so it's worth a listen as well as
a watch :-)

*** Gigs & Festivals ***

Lots of gigs and festivals coming up, including Burt Ice at Bentworth Blues
on the 15th and Walker Broad at the Southsea Folk & Blues weekend on the

Friday August 15th
Bentworth Blues Festival
Burnt Ice.

The festival opens at 12:30 Burnt Ice will playing in the bar at 4:15. It's
nearly sold out but there a number to enquire about availabilty here: you might get lucky!

Saturday August 16th 2pm
Wickham Festival Fringe
The Kings Head
Wickham Square
Andy Broad Solo.

First of two gigs I'll be onstage at 2pm with my solo blues. Finish at 3 and
off to....

Saturday August 16th 8:30pm
The Station Arms.
Andy Broad Solo

Saturday August 23rd
The Phoenix
Duncan Road, Southsea
The West Side Blues Band

Saturday August 30th
The Greyhound
New Forest
Burnt Ice.

New venue run by an old friend, looking forward to it.

Friday September 5th
The Square & Compass
Worth Matravers
Andy Broad Solo

Sunday September 7th 12:30
Andy Broad's Blues Jam
The Auckland Arms

Thanks to Alan Holloway for looking after the jam last month when I was on
the second leg of the French tour. Looking forward to see all the regulars
again and hope for some new faces, bring you
guitar/bass/flute/harmonica/accordian/banjolele or voice! Don't bring a
piano there one there allready!

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