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Sunday 19th July 2015 15:52:00

Day off in Lamalou - I

So Saturday was a day off, the next concert being at The Château Colombiéres on Sunday.

Whilst sending out publicity info to various sites Charlotte who runs the Languedoc Living website and coincidentally features in the painting on the front of my Live In France CD mentioned that a group of them were meeting up for Oysters and Piquepoul at Lamalou market on the Saturday morning. I said I join them to be sociable but that I'd skip the oysters!

That in mind I got up a fraction earlier for a somewhat more edible breakfast than I'd had at the F1 hotel the day before and drove down to Lamalou. Originally I planned to walk but quickly realised it was a tad too far, especially in the heat.

I wasn't quite sure where the market was, even though I'd busked there in 2012 to publicise the gigs for that years tour, so just walked up the town, and luckily guessed right! I spotted the group just as they spotted me walking up the road, and joined them for a couple of hours chatting, with a little bit of publicity for Sunday's gig thrown in. I recognised most faces from previous years, but couldn't have passed a test on the names! They were all feasting on Oysters and drinking Piquepoul, a white wine made from a grape grown very near where the oysters were fished from. Being vegetarian I declined the Oysters but tried a glass of the wine.

All were done with their oysters and went their separate ways, with a few promises to turn up on Sunday, so job done there :-), I drove back to the hotel, with plans to revise some French phrases for Sunday's gig and edit the video I had taken. Somehow blender my video editing software of choice had stopped working, and no longer recognised the videos as being videos, so I'll have to do those when I get back, very frustrating.

A quiet evening in the Hotel, just me a Camembert, and a bottle of Chimay.

Sunday morning I checked out the Hotel and used the very well drawn map that Lindsay's husband Roger had done for me, to easily navigate the 15 minute journey to Colombiéres, and found them at their house as expected, joining them for lunch, and conversation.

Tonight at 19:00 I'll be just up the road at the Château. The concert aims to raise money for the local association that renovates and maintains an historic tower.

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