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Thursday 7th July 2016 14:39:00

Arrived At Plancoët

Well the experiment with the phone blogging worked but was rather fiddly so back with the laptop now I'm attached to Wifi at Le Cheval Blanc.

I seems the classic cars in the Ferry queue were headed over to Le Mans for Le Mans Classic Many were MGs the most impressive was the one behind me, hich looked to date from the 1920s, but oddly was fitted with very bright modern headlight bulbs! Couldn't get photo of it as was too dark

Journey went well but tiredness kicked a little earlier than expected, especially as it was too hot, too much rushing arround the day before and no sleep on the Ferry.

So quite a few stops to top up with coffee and keep from falling asleep at the wheel, one of which had arather impressive view.

And some rather off stainless steel structures, which might have been art or might have been bird feeders or might have been both!

Keeping this first blog of the tour short, as I need to reenergise for tonights concert at Le Cheval Blanc.

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