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Friday 8th July 2016 07:02:00

The Curse Of Football

Big thanks to those who turned out last night, a very receptive crowd, though crowd is pushing it to be honest. When planning the tour at the beginning of the year, I didn't know that France would be playing Portugal in the semi finals of the european cup. Needless to say this had the same effect of on audience numbers that an England match can have on an audience in England...

Knowing on the night that turnout might be low I'd set up for a more literally acoustic approach, still in the PA but miked up rather than DI, which gave an intimate feel and was very well received by those that did come.

Musically a gave a good showing, and CDs were sold, so not total disaster, but frustrating for the first gig of the tour.

Now for coffee and the Drive down to the Charente, looking forward to playing Gabariers again tonight.

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