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Travel related blogs from my various European and UK tours.

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Sunday 10th July 2016 12:05:00

Catching up on the last fews days...

As mentioned on Facebook travel has made blogging harder this year, but now I'm installed at Colombiéres I have so time off during the day.

Arrived in Colombiéres after a long but not too strenuos drive down from the herault, where I'd had a great gig at Pub Gabariers the night before, also meeting up with Pete and Linda Robinson, who were passing through on their way to Germany.

The next gig on the agenda was Le Grand Cafe in Camplong. I had a couple of hours to have powernap and clean up before the short half hour or so drive inot the mountains to the venue.

This was one of those times, I'm sure every musician gets, when you haven't heard back from the venue direct since it was booked for me, and so was quite releaved to see my poster in the window on arrival.

In previous years at Le Cafe Grand there had been people arriving by 8:30 but this year things were still quite, whilst that made setting up easier, it was a bit worrying in terms of the final turnout, and indeed in the end the final numbers were a bit lower than last year, but the enthusiam level of the audience was astonishing, clapping along with almost every number, and literaly screaming and shouting at the end of every number! One guy had driven 5 hours to see me play, which was great complement!


So tonight is the concert in the Courtyard of the Château de Colombieres sur Orb. The aim is to raise money for the maintence of the medieval tower further up the mountain side. Last year was great, looking forward to this, as all the gigs this tour, but slightly apprehansive about the football, though we start early and will beinish before kickoff, so maybe it won;t be a problem.

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