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Blues News From Portsmouth - September 2017 - Poole Blues, Burnt Ice at 30 and more Views: 23229

**Welcome to September's Newsletter**

A really busy and exciting month coming up! Appearances at
Poole Blues Festival, Burnt Ice's 30th Anniversary, and a
solo gig at Keighley Blues club in Yorkshire and more

**Poole Blues On The Quay**

The first weekend in September is quite a busy one with
two concerts at Blues on the Quay In Poole and the regular
Sunday Jam sandwiched in between in Southsea. Andy Broad
will be appearing at the Rope & Anchor Sarum Street, Poole
on the Saturday 2nd at 8:30 and then at The Foundry, Poole
at 7:30pm on the Sunday, given just me enough time to host
the Auckland Jam in between!

**Burnt Ice 30th Anniversary**

Hopefully by now you will know that Burnt Ice have been
playing the blues for 30 continuous years, unlike some
longer running bands on the circuit, there has been no
time off for good behaviour! We've been celebrating that
with a tour that started in France in July at the Bastille
Blues Festival, and finishes up at the Bullfrog Blues
Club, Southsea on Thursday September 7th, which we are
planning to record, so come along and help us make a big

Here's a quote from Dave Allen on the Pompey Pop Facebook

" When I was just a lad, and first saw the great blues
veterans like 'old' Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Little
Walter etc. they had mostly been going since the 1940s -
in other words, shorter careers then, than Burnt Ice now -
the Blues Legends of '17. Congratulations chaps! "

Thanks Dave!

Tickets for the concert at The Bullfrog can be bought
online from or
bought in person from Street Level Music in Albert Road

**Keighley Blues Club**

All happening this month, Andy Broad will be heading up to
Yorkshire on 15th to perform at Keighley Blues Club as the
opening act for the Moody Maas Band, should be great

**Videos from France**

As mentioned above Burnt Ice started the 30th celebrations
with an appearance at the Bastille Blues Festival in
France, the Walker Broad band also appeared. Here are a
couple of videos from the event.

Burnt Ice Perform Sweet Little Angel

Walker Broad perform Wild Women

**Giglist For September**

Saturday 2nd September, 8:30pm
The Rope & Anchor, Blues On the Quay, Poole.
Andy Broad - original acoustic and electric blues.

Sunday 3rd September, 12:30pm till 3:30pm
The Auckland Arms, Netley Road, Southsea
Andy Broads Blues Jam, all welcome as usual to our monthly

Sunday 3rd September 7:30pm
The Foundry, Blues On The Quay, Poole.
Andy Broad

Thursday 7th September 8:00pm
The Bullfrog Blues Club
The Dockyard Club, Onslow Road, Southsea
Burnt Ice 30th Anniversary Concert.

Saturday 9th September
"Gig Buddies" opening, Fratton
Andy Broad

Friday 15th September
Keighley Blues Club, Yorkshire
Moody Maas Band plus Andy Broad

Friday 22nd September
The Ferryman, Warsash
Andy Broad

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