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Tuesday 29th May 2018 16:11:00

Blues News From Portsmouth - June 2018

OK so it's not quite June yet, but some exiting things
coming up so I wanted to get ahead with the mailing list
for once!

*** Wimborne Minster Folk Festival ***

Walker Broad are pleased to have been invited back to
Wimborne this year and we will be playing on The Minster
Arms stage at 12:00pm on Sunday 10th June. Were playing
for about an hour and half so we will be airing our
folkier numbers to start and gradually funking it up as
we progress through the set, should be a lot of fun, so
do come and join us.

*** Videos ***

After bit of break I've got some new videos to share with

Walker Broad - Hampshire Festival Of the Mind - Square
Tower performing "Not The Keeping Kind"

Six Cross Eyed Cats - Muddy Waters Tribute featuring
Stompin Dave - Hanger Farm Arts Centre - performing "The
Same Thing"

A new "episode" of my Acoustic Guitar Blog where I try
out a new camera and jam on funky riff...

*** Forth Coming Gigs ***
Sunday 3rd June - 12:30 pm

The Auckland Jam, Auckland Arms, Netley Road, Southsea

All are welcome to our regular blues jam, players and
listeners a like, beginners and more experienced. If you
want to play just let me know when you arrive and I'll
make sure you can get up.

Mostly blues based but we aren't 100% purist about it.

Sunday 10th June - 12:00 till 13:30pm
Wimborne Minster Folk Festival
The Minster Arms Stage.

Walker Broad Band - original folk blues and jazz.

Thursday 14th June
Blues At Jude's Place
Jude the Obscure, Walton Street, Oxford
Andy Broad - Solo Blues

Friday 22nd June
The Ironmaster - Farehame High Street
Andy Broad - Solo Blues.

*** GDPR ***

Seems there been a lot of noise about this lately! So
here is my little contribution... I've taken the advice
that, as this mailing list is subscription only, I don't
need to reseek permission to send you email, but do need
to point out that you can unsubscribe at any time, either
by replying to this email with a request to unsubscribe
or by the link in the signature of the mail. Of course we
hope you'll stay with us!

The only personal data we hold is you email address and
in few case you name as well, and we don't share that
with anyone else. Originally the festival mailing list
had a postal option, but we never used that and I have
deleted the address data that a few people gave us.

*** Hope To See You At Gig Soon ***

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