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Saturday 13th October 2018 08:40:00

Colfers Pub

The ferry arrived a little late due to 'adverse tides and winds' but JR was also held by an accident (not his!) so that kind of timed well. Journey over was okay, but a little bit choppy perhaps, I mainly tried to sleep, discovered afterwards that the next ferry sailings had been cancelled due to incoming storms, so I was kind of lucky to get over!

Having met up with JR we headed to Carrig on Bannow, which only a short distance away but through some very winding lanes. Pleased to see I'm not the only one who can get confused by a SatNav! First off we headed for the bed and breakfast, grabbing a bag of chis on the way, as I's not had much chnace to eat at that point.

We arrived at Carrig House B&B, and received a friendly greeting from the owner. JR has stayed there many times with various musicians he's taken on tour so is well known and has a 'usual room' I was just across the hall. The rooms were very nice and breakfast the next morning was great, I'd recommend it!

Colfers pub was literally just round the corner. There were just a couple of people in when we arrived, a mediums size bar with small stage near the door, fine for a solo act. JR was providing the PA so we go that is and set it up. I put the guitars through his WEM valve amp and the vocals and new stomp box through the small PA. A bit of gaffer tape to fix the mini stomp box to the floor and all was fine.

Started to play at 10pm and a few people drifted in through the door during the opening numbers. A small but appreciative crowd to start with. Suddenly there was surge of youngsters maybe 15 / 20 all speaking french! Was I on the right tour? The pub now had quite lively air to it.

I played a good hours worth on the acoustic, then took a very short break, in fact playing a little jazz in the break at the landlords John Murphy's request, then back on with the electric laying through to about 12:30. It turns out the landlord is a champion traditional harmonica player and could turn his hand to the blues too, so he went and got his harps and joined in a couple towards the end of the set.

After the gig there was drinking of guiness and talking at the bar. John Murphy played a bit too some amazing agile harmonica playing with traditional tunes and melodies.

I have to admit to not being quite as hardened as JR et al and ended up falling asleep on the bar! (Well I did start out very early and had been travelling all day, the sleep on the ferry hadn't been much good!

A great start to the tour though!

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