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Travel related blogs from my various European and UK tours.

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Saturday 13th October 2018 10:35:00

Travelling to Clare - Illness - The Bakehouse

Got up the next morning, not too early, for a great breakfast at the B&B. A good selection of veggie breakfast standards.

We set off for County Clare at about 11am, should be roughly 3 hours drive. Started well but around 1pm I start to feel a bit rough and unfortunately had to ask JR to pull over and left my breakfast at the side of the road.

Though I hadn't had that much Guinness the night before and had turned down the last pint offered the night before, it seems the choppy ferry cross, traveling cross country and lack of sleep had shaken up my stomach. Never mind there would be a good couple of hours to sleep once we made it to JRs place, and so I was confident all would be well by the evening.

By the time we arrived I was feeling worse and was ill again, slept solid for two hours but woke up feeling worse! JR had taken the gear to the Bake House restaurant whilst I was sleeping to give me time to rest and eat before playing, unfortunately I couldn't eat!

We dithered about canceling but decided to go for it any way. I went on stage but had to pull out after three numbers, which was gutting as I was getting a good response from the audience and few tables had been booked specifically because I was there.

With much apologies we had to let the gig go. JR had warned the proprietors that this might be possibility and they were very understanding! They asked JR to bring me back next year, so hopefully we can return to make good!

This is only the second time in my career that I've had to pull out of gig once I actually started playing and only the 4th where I've cancelled from illness at all, which makes it all the more gutting as any muso will understand, sometimes the show just can't go on!

Typing this this morning I'm feeling much better, just a little 'bruised' from being ill the previous day. So I'm looking forward to todays gigs 3pm at the Record Break cafe and this evening at the Greyhound Kilkee.

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