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Sunday 14th October 2018 11:32:00

The Greyhound - Kilkee

Second gig on Saturday was The Greyhound at Kilkee. This was a larger pub split into several sections with a small indoor stage, where I was to play, and larger semi covered outdoor are with big stage, and several sections to the main pub, with gave the feel of multiple rooms with out there being any doors as such.

This gig was naturally a bit louder. I had to mic up the WEM as there was a small 'wall' in from of he stage which masked the sound. This wall meant I needed to sit on high stool to be seen, something I don't like as I need both feet in contact with the floor. But I found bench stool which I could use it raise the height of the 'floor' and my mini stomp worked perfectly.

Because of the louder volume I was able to push the volume of the WEM up quite high for the electric part of the set and really get a great sound out of it.

Another great reception, more CDs sold, and lots of positive feedback at the end of the night.

Tonight (Sunday) is the last night of the tour and I'll be playing at Tom Malone's in Milltown Malbay. Apparently there's a party with a trad session on before me so it'll be great craic!

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