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Travel related blogs from my various European and UK tours.

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Friday 27th September 2019 17:14:00


The Ferry was slightly delayed due to the weather but not excessively so, and also there was a sight delay as they did a customs check o the foot passenger bus, with a sniffer dog, which hadn't happened on the last trip over. Two people were taken of the bus for further checks though both returned as false alarms!

Finally we were driven to the terminal where JR was waiting to pick me up in his camper van

It's only short drive to Colfer's Pub in Carrig on Bannow and we were soon on our way winding through a short maze of country roads with only one false turn. John Murphey the landlord was there to great us with a couple of customers already in.

The gig was not starting till 10pm so we ad plenty of time for pint of Guinness and for the two John to exchange stories as is their wont.

We set up JR's small Thomann PA combined with various bit and pieces I had brought over on the small corner stage in the front bar and I was ready to go with plenty of time.

Being a Thursday it didn't get hugely busy but there was small and appreciative audience who I recognized from last time. I played two acoustic sets and JR and another member of the audience whoes name I have sadly forgotten joined in on spoons for a couple in the second set. Finished playing about 12:15 am

I took advantage of the initiate nature of the gig to experiment with a few less often played numbers and get a good feel for how the guitar worked through the PA, sus out the mini stomp box in action etc etc.

After the gig there was another Guinnes (just the two in total for me! And a lot of talk (it's Ireland after all!). Then John Murphey took us the house he owns next door where we were to stay the night, more talk and eventually we went to bed about 3am...

Next day we had breakfast in the very nice Red Door restaurant on the other side of the pub, before setting of on the journey across to County Clare on the West coast, arriving there about 4pm.

Tonight is the first of the Che do Bheatha festival gigs starting about 10pm in Scott's bar Kilkee. Looking forward to that, a new venue for me.

Thanks to John Murphy at Colfer's Pub for his hospitality, for the first gig of the tour and for entertaining us with a little trad harmonica playing after the pub had closed.

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