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Saturday 30th November 2019 11:50:00

Blues News From Portsmouth - Walker Broad Gigs in December

A quick update before the Christmas season gets underway.

After a short break from gigging (during which we have been rehearsing
material for our next album, more on that is a later email...) we have two
Walker Broad gigs coming up this month.

On Tuesday December 3rd we will be playing at The Vaults in Albert Road
Southsea. First time we've done the Vaults on a Tuesday so looking forward
to this, come down and join us for a laid back gig of jazzy and folk
standards interweaved with some of our favourite originals.

Friday 13th December finds us back at the Auckland Arms which is very much
our home gig and always a lot of fun!

As always the musical month starts off with the Auckland Jam at 12:30 on
Sunday 1st December, all welcome, players and listeners a like!

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