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Amiga Computing

Amiga Computers

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Monday 24th August 2020 12:45:00

Desktop Still Life and Puppies

A few doodles with SketchBlock

I don't seem to get as much time to paint in my own software as I'd like, even in these stay at home times, other stuff (like building wardrobes in the loft!) seems to get in the way. So I just recently decided to do some half hour doodles of still lifes from my desk top!

So we're not talking great masters here by any stretch but here are the first two, click to view them in my gallery:

Battery & Tape

Pencap and band

It would be good discipline to keep this going every day, but I rarely am that!

Design for Phone case

Our new household guest, a little Labrador named Daisy took a liking to Tracey's phone case, so I thought it might be nice to replace it with custom one.

Starting from a photo of Daisy and Maddie (the Working Cocker Spaniel) begging for food, I did a rough sketch over the photo the painted in the colour and shape by eye. Photo displayed on the SAM and SketchBlock running on the X1000. Export the below as a jpeg then off to to "design a case. Pretty good site with a wide range products and a good selection of phone cases. I'll add a photo when the cover arrives in a day or so's time....

Maddie and Daisy

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