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Monday 6th September 2021 09:39:00

Blues News From Portsmouth - September 2021

Hello All,

Welcome to the first newsletter in quite a while, I'm glad to say things are
opening up a little on the music side, though maybe not yet at full
throttle. September brings a nice scattering of gigs to keep the blues
soul alive!

**Auckland Jam**

This month we had an experimental jam at the Auckland Arms in Southsea, as a
first step we went with a limited list of invited guest musicians only, and
billed it as "Andy Broad and Friends". A couple of extra musos turned up
and were included in the rota ( well rota is a bit of an exaggeration, were
never that formal!) and a generally good time was had. Sorry if that I
couldn't include everyone this time (it was quite hard to pick and choose
between regulars) but the good news is that from October we be running back
as the full open invite jam. So I look forward to seeing you on October
Sunday 3rd, we'll aim to start playing at 1pm so arrive 12:30 ish to setup.

**Belgium (and Blues)**

Earlier in the year Walker Broad were invited to play at the "Elouges En
Blues et Folk" festival in Belgium, we were very much looking forward to
this as we had had a great time there in 2010 (or was it 2011?) with Burnt
Ice, one the first of many European mini tours. Unfortunately due to the
ongoing complications with travel (be they for covid reasons or the dreaded
B word) and a reduced budget on the festivals part (due to extra covid
related costs) we won't be going, which is a real shame. However with a
certain strange synergy (is that the right word?) I do have two bookings to
play at the popular "Belgium and Blues" venues one in the original
Southampton bar and another in the newer Bournemouth based venue. So I'll
that as a win :-) Though I daren't drink the Belgian beer and still drive

**Guitar Lessons**

I have space for new guitar students at present, so if you would like to
learn or develop your finger-style blues and slide guitar technique, then
get in touch, either by replying to this email or by calling me direct on
07951170874. I can do a special introductory deal of 5 lessons for 80 or
book individual lessons for 20 a time. Lessons last typically 45 minutes.
Now Waterloovile based.

**Trafalgar Day**

Not really blues related at all but I'm sharing this as favour to Shep
Woolley, who will
be sharing news about the Keith Christmas gig Spider's Web @ The Bullfrog
(16th Sept) on his
radio show...

Shep is organising his traditional Trafalgar Day celebration on Thursday
21st October at the Square Tower, Old Portsmouth.

"Trafalgar in a Pickle" - Featuring Sea Songs - Jigs & Reels - A Sailors
Support and Nelson's Blood

Music from Shep Woolley's Shanty Crew.

Contact or 02392754559 for more info.

**Gig List**

Here's the list of upcoming gigs this month:

Thursday 9th September - 8:30pm
Belgium And Blues, Bournemouth Post Office Road, Bournemouth
Andy Broad - Foot Stomping Acoustic And Electric Blues

Thursday 16th September - 8:00pm
The Wine Vaults, Albert Road, Southsea
The Walker Broad Band - Original Blues Folk and Jazz

Thursday 23rd September
The Crown Emsworth
The Sally Strawberry Band

Thursday 30th September - 8:30pm
Belgium And Blues, Above Bar Street, Southampton.
Andy Broad - Foot Stomping Acoustic And Electric Blues

Sunday October 3rd
The Auckland Arms, Netley Road, Southsea
Andy Broad's Blues Jam @ The Auckland Arms
A blues with an acoustic bias (at the start at least) all players welcome,
no drum kit but drummers are welcome to bring a snare / hi hat or cajon .

See you at a gig or jam soon, and get in touch about those guitar lessons,
maybe buy some as a gift?

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