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This section presents videos from my popular Acoustic Guitar video blog along with additional resources, such as photo's and music tabs.

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Wednesday 8th September 2021 09:15:00

Auckland Jam Video On Youtube

Just a quick update to this months newletter. I've posted a video taken at The Auckland Arms last Sunday at our "Andy Broad And Friends" gig, which was a step on the way back to the regular Auckland Blues Jam.

Here's the video, our take on Sleepy John Estes - Brownesville Blues

The Blues Jam will be back on Sunday October 3rd, get there from 12:30 if you want to play and need to setup, we aim to start arround 1pm. Usualy fimish arround 3:30pm. All player welcome. Although we don't use a drum kit, (a space issue as much as anything) drummers are welcome to bring a snare (with brushes) or a cajon or similar light percusuion.

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