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Travel related blogs from my various European and UK tours.

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Sunday 29th September 2019 10:07:00


Got a good night's sleep in the caravan after the Scott's gig, stil water tight despite the lashing rain outside!

After writing the blog spent the day chilling out in JRs music room

The next gig on the itinerary was O'Mara's the stage area was in a largish text on the forecourt, some heavy carpet of a some palettes which worked quite well

We arrived in time to set up for 6pm as there was a slight confusion over start times with the pub poser saying 6pm and the main poster saying 7pm, turned out that the 'popup choir' had been relocated to the tent due to the weather hence the hours delay. AS we were setup ready in time tey were able to use my microphone to boost the lead vocal, happy to help and they souned great

In the end I went on stage at 6:30pm paying a two hour set with the shortest of breaks to switch to electric mush as the day before. Although the core originals set was the same did make the effort to vary the covers I played . Had some silly technical issues like the stomp box sticking to my foot! (Never buy gafa from ASDAs!!!) but later on settled own well and got a great reception from the audience particularly on the electric section, the damp had killed the acoustic strings and they will need changing for the next gig, thankfully I have a spare set with me.

Lots of great feedback after the gig, and some CD sales

Tonights gig is at the Treaty Tent just out side the front of the Greyhound Bar where I played in Kilkee last year.

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