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Saturday 29th March 2014 18:56:00

Southsea to Swindon for the best gigs of the year. Views: 2161

A two gig week and boy, what gigs! Cool We had a Sunday afternoon outing at The Auckland Arms in Southsea as I mentioned in the last blog, there was the most appreciative audience, really listening crowd overall. My bits of patter between songs seemed to go down well and I was verbally chirpy that day, swallowed chatty pills I think. We had a guest player for a few songs in the guise of Ed Woodroffe who popped up and played a few with us on his harmonica, very nice accompaniment too. I made the room erupt when I asked him if he'd like to come up for a 'little blow' and promptly blushed the colour of rubies at my inadvertent invitation! I was also relieved of the piano for a few numbers by Chris Morley who played along for a few too. Very nice. The gig was very cool, played for over two hours, hardly wanted to stop.

Then on Thursday evening we were to be found, having negotiated successfully the magic roundabout, at The Beehive in Swindon what a lovely venue that was! It is always great when a gig books you and the first thing they ask is, do you do original material?! So refreshing to find somewhere that wants fresh stuff instead of covers bands. And the audience really did love our stuff, they were lovely and very intelligent obviously. It was such a confidence boost to have that kind of reaction twice in one week. I really loved it, look forward to playing there again! Definately worth checking this venue out if you are ever in the area! We all got such great compliments to the extent that I was smug all the way home, well, whilst I was awake anyway - I wasn't driving Smile 

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Saturday 8th March 2014 11:07:00
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