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Monday 26th May 2014 16:22:00
Monday 12th May 2014 21:11:00
Monday 5th May 2014 19:49:00

The landing blog after a Bank Holiday Whirlwind Views: 1843

Finally I get home, to sit down. What a weekend, complete blur of activities! It started on Thursday evening at the Bullfrog Blues Club where there were two acts. Firstly the souly blues of Devenport (hear some here) his souly voice has a tasty rough edge which is really outstanding, he did the most brilliant version of Fever, loved it! He was followed by Goldie Reed and band An Americana set with some covers and some beautifully crafted originals. Goldie's pure vocals were slightly ethereal at times, my favourite song was one of theirs, 'Nobody', really great, I think WB will be doing that one shortly, with permission I might add. What made it for me though was the beautiful sound of the pedal steel, who had only joined them one week before! Too cool! 

Then Saturday WB were off to Brighton to one of the foodie festivals, we were second to last on the list which mainly comprised of cover bands of various genres. So many people, lots of noise, lovely weather and smells of food everywhere, a very interesting setting for what was quite a difficult gig overall. It was really noisy, we were without bass, (Simon being away somewhere relaxing), my mic cut out alot during one song and it was freezing cold on stage. We seemed to go down ok though and I was made up as some of my favourite people had come out to hear us Cool I then spent the night in Brighton catching up with some of these lovely people and generally drinking sherbet and making merry.

Left early (for a musician) the next day and shot back to Pompey for the monthly jam where various musical sorts were gathered at the Auckland Arms, as is the way of the first Sunday of each month. We played loud and we played long. There were lots of new faces which was great and so quite a turnaround of musicians. King Rollo joined us and was a veritable music festival all by himself, playing guitar, piano, bass and singing! Not necessarily all at the same time mind! It was generally a most merry affair and a good time was had by all. I hogged the piano as much as I could, managing some pretty good solos overall and sang a few ditties. Then I had Human Library happenings and barbecues to attend on Monday so here I am now about to fall into bed exhausted. 

Good times! Next gig is the Southdowns Green Fair at the Sustainability Centre next weekend, hope to see you there xx

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