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Monday 26th May 2014 16:22:00
Monday 12th May 2014 21:11:00

Cider for breakfast Views: 1730

9am is an ungodly hour for a musician of any calibre to have to be waking up and I didn't quite manage it on Sunday. Andy was kindly driving me to the Sustainability Centre where we had to be by 11am so he was arriving at 10am to pick me up. I finally rolled myself reluctantly from my pit at 0940 and threw some clothes on in true unwashed musician style Embarassed made a quick cup of tea, which I had to drink in the car on the way there, and no time for any breakfast, I wasn't hungry anyway. I was grump personified, it was cold and I had to wait for hours (actually only about 15 mins) with the gear while Andy parked the car before carrying it to the music/beer tent 3 miles away (actually only 500 yds). The beautiful green trees, the lovely leafy smell and the smiling face of Trevor Thwaites was all the magic it took to shake me from my funk and convince me the day would be a better one if I just chilled out. The benefits of gigging in the beer tent were many, not least of all the beer voucher that Trevor thrust into my hand. I approached the bar with caution, 1130 in the morning - beer? Intriguing thought, no I don't like beer so I thought I'd be a good girl and ask for water, Oh they don't have any I better have cider then, I like that. Low or high alcohol content? High obviously! We had been asked to go on early due to a no show and a probably interruption by mucho samba band playing in the middle of our set. Ever the professionals and all members of the band having arrived by this point we set up and set off. 

The whole day was too awesome to describe in any way that would do it justice really. The stalls were interesting and my sort of hippy stuff, some colleagues from Soton uni, big brains researching environmental science, were there (I put them onto the gig so am fully accepting all praise/blame), Trevor had done a fabulous job organising the music, the stage worked like a charm and our set went down really well, even though I started the set with a thoroughly inappropriate song for a family event Wink There was a family feel to the musicians arriving and playing throughout the day, most got there early before, or stayed late after, playing and watched. So many names, but notably Hometown Show with the superb vocals of Caz Batten and Matt Harrison tooooo good, and Bemis oh such a lot of lovely people. I know I was in a cider fog but still, even without this they would have been the loveliest of lots. As you can tell I was quite loved up over the whole event

I have never had cider for breakfast before but I may well do again Cool

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Monday 5th May 2014 19:49:00
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