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Wednesday 25th June 2014 16:27:00
Friday 6th June 2014 14:16:00

Discovery Centre D-Day Doings in Gosport Views: 2333

So today I thought it would be appropriate to blog about the D-Day gig that Andy and I were at on Wednesday. Shep Woolley had arranged a gig in commemoration of D-Day at the Gosport Discovery centre and asked Andy and I to do a few tunes as part of the event. We were there with George Wilson, long time now retired folk singer of fabulous beard and Bill McKinnon . It was a terrific evening, not a seat to be had in the place, Shep was so funny (I did inform him of this and of course he had never heard that before!) at times my eyes were dripping with mirth ridden tears! Tooo goood! 

We had learnt White Cliffs of Dover, We'll meet again and Button up your overcoat for the occasion. It was no easy task learning such ditties in short measure but I really found the singing of them to be uplifting so have been uncharacteristically optimistic all week Cool  The Button up song is actually from the 20s but was really popular during the war years and I can quite see why, it would be just the thing to stop you from crying as you wave your loved ones goodbye not knowing if you're ever going to see them again! Keep the tears for after dark, stiff upper lip and all that. I can only imagine the horror of such times as the WWs and am filled with sadness at the loss of life. Tonight I drink wine with a friend and will be raising a glass to the people who lost their lives in the name of peace.Cry

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Sunday 1st June 2014 19:10:00
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