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Wednesday 25th June 2014 16:27:00

Getting the horn at the Phoenix.... Views: 3146

Last weekend seems an age away now, my bloggage speed is not impressive! We were out, minus drummer, at the Phoenix pub in Southsea last Saturday. Some of the regular faces were there in the crowd which is always happy making Cool however, the treat of the evening, in so many ways, was our special guest Rod Paton top class chap, musician extraorinairre and magical player of horn (gutter brain, pack it in!). Rod and I went to New Jersey in 2012 to deliver a joint paper on Lifemusic, an approach he pioneered at Chi Uni and which helped me turn myself around when I was nearly dead after last relationship debacle, here is his TedX talk on the subject. (it starts in Czech but continues in English so hang in there!). If you're interested in reading the paper we wrote for the conference then this is where to find it

I'd sent Rod a set list with links a few days prior to the gig so he had an idea what to expect from us and he turned up with his nice shiny French horn (oh come on!). Almost all the bluesy ones were accompanied by said instrumentalist, and oh how lovely, it was such a treat I can't tell you. You really should have been there! It added a really unique layer to the usual WB sound, the highlight of the evening, I think I can probably safely say for all of WB here, was when we segued into 'Centrepiece' after one of our songs and all four of us were just like too together, I was practically orgasmic by the end (just doing away completely with the double entendres now!), simon was thrashing the bass in the best way and both Andy and Rod were hammering out the solos........oh my I have to go and lie down, I've come over all unnecessary! Wink

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