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Thursday 24th July 2014 19:16:00
Monday 14th July 2014 17:52:00

Too busy to blog, Bullfrog had Lil Jimmy Reed, drumming, jamming and rehearsals Views: 1449

Very tardy with this blog, please forgive. Lucky you weren't holding your breath for the next one eh!? Lots to tell, but little time so a brief whizz through the past few weeks.

The Bullfrog blues club happened on the 3rd and this months guest was the extraordinarily wonderful Lil' Jimmy Reed, oh boy was he good, real blues played the way it's meant to be played. It was dark, brooding, sexy and liberating all in one evening. Tooooo good! He was ably assisted by boogie woogie pianist Bob Hall and bass player Hilary Blithe. There was a great turnout and I didn't sit down all evening, I sold  more CDs on the merch table than I have for any other artist, handed over a great wadge of cash! If you ever get the chance to see him, jump at it he's still on tour round the UK I believe so look him up! He wears the best shoes too!

On the 5th I went to an Egypt to Africa event at the Groundlings theatre organised by the very talented Zees Events. There was a 2 hour Middle Eastern Drumming workshop run by Chas Whitaker which I really loved, he was really skilled and able to get across to a relative percussive beginner how to play the rhythms without making a tit of myself. Very happy making. Then four of us from the drumming workshop played drums for the following 2 hour belly dancing workshop led by a very beautiful lady called Carmen. The day was rounded off by a veritable festival of bellydancing and music that was definately a first of its kind for me and I will be back for more. I am seriously considering taking up belly dancing now!

Then of course there was the jam on Sunday, it was a jolly affair all told, usual suspects were there plus a few who don't come so often. I played or sang for the whole 3 hour affair whilst drinking beer (most unusual for me) and had to be driven home (I was too squiffy to drive). This was followed by rehearsals on Tuesday where Simon, Andy and I have started a new blues song, I'm wanting to work up a 'Down and Dirty' Blues set to work the pubs with so we are getting a few songs together for that.

So to now, it has reached that time of year when the Bluesman pops over to France to serenade them with his musical prowess so there is no WB activity of the gigging kind in July but other things are afoot and if I can find time I will blog about them. We will also keep up with the Bluesman here as he is on his travels. 

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