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Thursday 24th July 2014 19:16:00

The Bluesmans travels to the land of the French Views: 2076

It's that time of year when I can take a little back seat and use Andy's French tour blogs instead of wrting one myself. A very welcome break from doing anything at all in this very hot heat. I am all amelt, not pretty I assure you. Anyway, here is the load of links to follow to find out what he has been doing on his extremely interesting and successful tour this year. 

Here is the first one

Here is the second one

Here is the third one

Here is the fourth one

OMG how prolific! Here is the last one!

So the only thing I want to know is which Sweet little Angle is it? Obtuse or acute? Cool


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Monday 14th July 2014 17:52:00
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