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Friday 29th August 2014 19:31:00

Poetry blog with a bit of a Kalamazoo tune up Views: 3569

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Most remiss of me, haven't blogged in a month. I have a good excuse. I've been busy analysing interviews and preparing for two conferences which I am going to bore to death with some of my ramblings next week. Well, probably not to death Cool So due to my incessant studying behaviour there have been no musical occurrences except rehearsals in the last month so not much to report there. A big event is looming in Oct, I am co-responsible for a month long Festival of the Mind (remember in 2011 after that week when I said I'd never to it again? I lied) which kicks off with a conference in Portsmouth Cathedral on the 3rd Oct and ends with another conference in Southampton on the 4th Nov. More bloggage on this after conferenceland but in the meantime if you want to read more about it you can here So in between meetings in Portsmouth yesterday it seemed rather silly for me to go home, so I made use of Andy's table to do my studying on. Later in the afternoon before my evening meeting he decided to clean up and restring his Kalamazoo. Those of you who are guitars boffs with know that this is a swanky sort of guitar. so once tuned he starts sliding about doing his thang and I, having anticipated this would happen, videoed it. Here it is for public viewing.. keep going past the tuning twangs, tis well worth it.

So I thought I might post a bit of poetry this month as well  just to show that I don't spend all my time being boring, I also spend time being dull Wink this is an offering I wrote in New Jersey a couple of years ago.

We Shared a Moment

We shared a moment

across the table.

Vast expanse

electricity and meaning dance.

Your glance bestowed

a longing overdue

its’ respite.

My soul recognised another

locked in the dance, the fight

To find ‘it’.


We shared a moment,

when your eyes

promised so much,

intimacy with no touch.

Internally I dance

an awakening of long forsaken dreams

is upon me.

The joy!

The fear!

What it means to find ‘it’.


We shared a moment,

when the darkness of the years, the tears

began to vanish.

timing sets the tone,

What follows from here?

If nil else, renewed hope

to find ‘it’.


Bit of an optimistic verse for me really but fitting with my renewed vigour these days. Till next time dear hearts xx


Comment By :Dickie
Monday 1st September 2014 11:22:35
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