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Saturday 27th September 2014 19:29:00
Sunday 14th September 2014 09:17:00

More fun than is seemly to be had in public! Views: 2350

A two gig weekend we have had after a long dry spell. The WB cobwebs have been well and truly banished, the songs dusted off and fingers oiled by action. What a fabulous weekend! Friday night we were living it up in The Phoenix pub in Southsea. The sound was a little unusual for us as we had no reverb as the thing had threatened to catch fire recently apparentlySurprised and the pub is quite small so often the definition is not quite there, but regardless of all this a great time was had by all. We were gratified with some audience dancing and lots of attentive listeners particularly in the second set, the first set being a little more sedate. I felt really happy to be out playing again, was very in the zone and came over rather unnecessary a couple of times.

So a good gig but not a patch on the Sat night gig in Arundel at the Red Lion, lovely pub in the main drag. It was a doozy from start to finish. Literally from the first song people were dancing and the audience grew and grew as the night went on and there was nowhere to sit from the first minute. We were musically working well, the audience were there all the way and we were joined by one of the best men in the world Rod Paton (see previous blog 25th June 2014) on his new spangly horn. Oh it's a lovely instrument in the right hands and it adds a wonderful layer of sound to the music. It felt like we were magical at times. The solos were flying about, guitar, horn, piano yes piano! I am getting so brave these days and do you know what? The fun that is to be had via improvising is by far the best fun to be had when playing live, I was wild with joy and apparently it showed Cool

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