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Saturday 27th September 2014 19:29:00

The inspirational Kate Bush and a festival gig in Portsmouth Views: 1848

What a night was Wednesday! My sister and I drove up to London to the Hammersmith Apollo for the purpose of seeing that most inspirational, idol of my youth Kate Bush. I have been a fan for years and years, have all her albums and never ever thought I would get the opportunity to see her live. I was resigned to it. So being in that theatre hearing her sing some of my favourite songs live was totally overwhelming. What an evening! The show was extraordinary, it wasn't an ordinary gig albeit the first 7 songs were just performed with Kate and musicians on the stage like any other band. After that all bets were off and the carefully crafted tale unfolded. It was a joy to behold Cool Once I had got a handle on my emotions I was able to fully immerse my self in the spectacle that was 'The New Dawn'. So enamoured was I that I'd bought a gig T shirt and programme before I went in, I never do that! Oh it was so good. Am I going on? I am aren't I? It was good, you get the picture!? Laughing

Then today (with the most hectic hangover had for about 8 weeks, well, I know that's not long between hangovers!) WB were out playing an afternoon gig for the Southsea Folk and Blues weekend. It was no mean feat singing with such a headache and the shakes, I think I pulled it off although my grasp on the words was even looser than normal! I did fess up, just before Empty Bed Blues where the first line is 'I woke up this morning with an awful aching head'! It was as if the song were written just for me. Poor me. Eh? what do you mean it was all my fault? It was the lovely company I kept last night where the wine goes along with the chat and disappears without anyone even noticing! There was a certain amount of musical noise making although I did discover at that point that remaining vertical was a little challenging. Perhaps a hint that I should have packed the wine bottles back up into the rack!? It's been the most extraordinary week really. I feel very lucky.

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Sunday 14th September 2014 09:17:00
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