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Thursday 2nd October 2014 20:51:00

Hampshire Festival of the Mind timer ticking down to lift off! Views: 3073

I haven't had time to blog anywhere near enough lately and one reason why is that, as well as my incessant need to be a perpetual student and study, the Good Mental Health Coop (one of my bags, man!) has been gearing up for the month of October whence commenceth (probably not a word) the Hampshire Festival of the Mind. We were granted a wee bit o' cash to put on said event from various wise sources and tomorrow (Friday 3rd) it all kicks off in Portsmouth with what promises to be one of the most exciting days of the whole event! So throughout October there are lots of events across Hampshire aimed at raising awareness of mental health, providing sensitive social events and opportunities to indulge in the arts for the purposes of improving your well-being dude! The full program can be downloaded here 

So musically what is occurring in this month I hear you ask? Firstly tomorrow evening after the most fabulous day conference in the Cathedral and the question time event at the John Pounds Unitarian church Hall, there is, from 1930 an evening of musical marvellousness back at the beautiful Cathedral There will be Squally Showers (Sea Shanty), followed by WBs own Andy Broad with Blues for the Blues, followed by the Polite Mechanicals (not sure yet but will report back). So come on down, the evening will end early at 2130 so you can still be in bed at a reasonable hour should you wish to be! Obviously I will Wink

Then on Sunday 5th we have the Jam, which is the usual jam at the Auckland Arms cunningly disguised as a jam for Mental Health, which it truly always is because improvising music is surely one of the best ways to improve your well-being! On the 10th Oct at the Discovery Centre Gosport WB are again invited to the Give Gain and Grow event for World Mental Health day so come on down for that! Then on the 17th Oct WB are playing the same lovely Auckland Arms in a regular gig with a mental health theme, which again they always do mainly because I usually witter on about mental health at some point in the evening! Also because if you listen to the lyrics (and I really hope someone does!) it will be clear that I use songwriting to help manage my own mental state quite regularly Cool. It is no accident that these events are happening in the Auckland either because, as I am pretty sure I have said before, they are the most friendly pub in Portsmouth and too too wonderful!

And there's more! On the 15th Beating the Blues takes place at Eastney Community Centre from 1030 am, a group who sing together to beat loneliness and depression, ring Janet Ayres for more info on 07541470225. The irrepressible Janet has another event on the 18th Oct, the Big Sing, at St Swithins church, Southsea 1330 to 1530, another opportunity for some inspirational singing together! AND on the 25th October, the fantastic guys at Tonic for Mental Health have an event at the Wedgewood rooms, Southsea from 2000hrs till late! Checkout Tonic's facebook page for more details!

What a month this is going to be, roll on roll on!

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